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Pick up some DDR3-1600 to match that 3.2GHz, and you've got one fast machine (understatement).Even further though, bumping the voltage up to a modest 1.35v allowed us to hit 3.44GHz stable, System and Maximum TDP is based on worst case scenarios. Windows Vista 32-Bit Driver 32-bit Total Driver Versions: 1 Recommended Driver Driver Date: 6/21/2006 Release Notes: None Driver Version: 6.0.6001.18000 PC Pitstop Notes: None No Notes Available. Add your CPU to our benchmark chart with PerformanceTest V9! his comment is here

That AA is removed in our 2560×1600. Though simple in concept, spreadsheets are an ideal way to either track information or compute large calculations all in real-time. OB Obsolete: Inventory available. Prices are for direct Intel customers, typically represent 1,000-unit purchase quantities, and are subject to change without notice.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 Benchmark

The situation is even worse for the Q9550, which seems to be even more rare.If you want a new Quad-Core and happen to want it now, then the Q9300 would make Non-critical applications are omitted.We do not install a virus scanner, firewall or any other security application.Scrap files from previous testing are cleaned up; recycle bin / trash is emptied.Internet is disabled UTIII is one game where the CPU really doesn't matter, which is actually quite reassuring.Linux: GCC, Archiving, Image SuiteGCC CompilerWhen thinking about faster processors or processors with more cores, multi-media projects The end result may vary depending on certain factors, such as original video codec, original video quality and video length.For our testing, we are using a 0.99GB high-quality DivX .AVI of

The 2nd graph shows the value for money, in terms of the CPUMark per dollar. Software Applications OS Independent 5.30Latest8/13/2015 8/13/2015 Show more No more matches Product Support Support product highlights, featured content, and more. Interesting how that works, eh?Unreal Tournament IIIThe Unreal series has always been one that's pushed graphics to the next level. Software Applications Windows® 10*Windows 8.1*Windows 8*7 more 5.70Latest6/30/2017 6/30/2017 Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool Software Applications This download installs the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool release, which is compatible with multiprocessor systems.

Programmers themselves would see the greatest benefit here, but end-users who find themselves compiling large applications often would also reap the rewards.Even if you don't use Linux, the results found here version history Driver Date Driver Version Driver Popularity Release Notes PC Pitstop Notes Download 6/21/2006 6.0.6001.18000 200.00% None None None No Notes Available. Find products with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology ‡ Execute Disable Bit ‡ Execute Disable Bit is a hardware-based security feature that can reduce exposure to viruses and malicious-code attacks and prevent For single core testing, "time make" was used while dual and quad core compilations used "time make -j 3" and "time make -j 5", respectively.45nm benefits aren't just for Windows' users,

I guarantee tears will be shed within a few seconds of loading a level.The level we chose here is Onslaught, also known as level five. It allows basic editing functionality, such as cropping and adding filters and proves to be a great tool overall. Because Excel 2007 is completely multi-threaded (it can even take advantage of an 8-Core Skulltrail), it makes for a great benchmark to show the scaling between all of our CPUs.I'll let With Windows processor driver correctly identifies the device model and employs all the necessary performance optimization.


In this scenario we execute approximately 300,000 iterations of Monte Carlo simulation. For a reminder of our machine specs, please refer to our testing methodology page. Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 Benchmark Did you find the information on this site useful? TDP Thermal Design Power (TDP) represents the average power, in watts, the processor dissipates when operating at Base Frequency with all cores active under an Intel-defined, high-complexity workload.

It's all about frequency here, thanks to the lack of SSE4 support.Multi-Media: Autodesk 3DS Max, Adobe Lightroom3DS Max 9As an industry-leading 3D graphics application, Autodesk's 3DS Max is one of our this content That said, we still consider these results to be reliable, but for various reasons, they wouldn't be 100% spot-on.To test for power consumption, we use the trusty Kill-A-Watt monitor. Some products can support AES New Instructions with a Processor Configuration update, in particular, i7-2630QM/i7-2635QM, i7-2670QM/i7-2675QM, i5-2430M/i5-2435M, i5-2410M/i5-2415M. If only multi-threading was possible!Power Consumption, TemperaturesBefore we delve into these two tests, we have to admit that these results are in no way definitive.

Our "mobile" test consists of converting the main concert footage to the same resolution an Apple iPod uses (480×272) which results in a 700MB file.For whatever reason, our Q9450 didn't perform Product specifications All the information you need at your fingertips Need more help? RT Retired: This specific part is no longer being manufactured or purchased and no inventory is available. weblink Prices are for direct Intel customers, typically represent 1,000-unit purchase quantities, and are subject to change without notice.

Click here to tell us Submit accurate Frames Per Second game data to increase your PC accuracy on your profile Is your Hardware Missing on GD? Use DriverGuide Search, or Browse our driver archive. In our personal tests, we have found that manually benchmarking games is the best way to deliver accurate results, since time demos rely heavily on the CPU.In order to deliver the

It's a little more expensive than most video conversion tools, but not many others include so much format support.One of the biggest reasons for including TMPGEnc XPress in our testing is

It's a free application and has become a standard in the ray tracing community and some of the results that can be seen are completely mind-blowing.The official version of POV-Ray is It's one picky chip. 3.44GHz - 1.35v CPUTo go even further though, I needed to become a little more generous with the extra voltage. New drivers can unlock additional features for a device that may not have been available before. The processor base frequency is the operating point where TDP is defined.

It's always a good feeling to push a $350 CPU to $1,000+ CPU heights, with ease.Final ThoughtsAs we expected, the Q9450 is a fantastic processor all-around. Like Excel 2007, these two tests stress each CPU to find the maximum mathematical calculations per second and operations per second.In the Arithmetic test, the application stresses the CPU to find This was a blow to those who were already holding off their upgrade or new built. check over here Some of these projects are so comprehensive that they can take days to render.

The problem of course, is that despite being out for over a month, it's a game to just find one in stock, anywhere.If looking for a new Quad-Core right now, it's Our current configuration is as follows:Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 Quad-Core 2.66GHzCompared Processors

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 Quad-Core 3.2GHzIntel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Quad-Core 3.0GHzIntel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 Quad-Core Your personal information will be used to respond to this inquiry only. It offers many editing abilities and the ability to export in a variety of formats, including a standard video file, DVD video and even HD video.Like TMPGEnc and many other video

If you receive notification from a program or a manufacturer that a newer driver is available, it would be a good idea to check the release notes and see what’s different There is no need to register in order to reply to such threads.Copyright © 2005-2017 Techgage Networks Inc. - All Rights Reserved. I haven't touched one personally, but I know what kind of performance it pushes out, and given that it has good overclocking ability, it's hard to go wrong. The Q9450 was no exception, although it did again outperform the QX6850 in the Multi-Media FP test.Gaming: Crysis, Call of Duty 4Each graph for our benchmarking results are labeled with the

Login Off On Mobile Mode Search category... Max Turbo Frequency refers to the maximum single-core processor frequency that can be achieved with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology. No future supplies will be available. Once the suite is completed, five scores will be delivered, one being the overall.

Tips from the PitCrew If a hardware device isn't functioning properly, or if a program or game that you're installing states that it requires newer drivers, a driver update will be